Johanna's School Visits

Johanna has given workshops for children and adults, and travels throughout the US and sometimes beyond, visiting schools and organizations to discuss the Holocaust and read from her books. She shares her story with students across the country to promote acceptance of diversity.


"Kids ask me why I write about the Holocaust," she said. "I lived it, so I really know what it was like."

From the Attendees

"Your visit was the most fulfilling day of my ten years as a teacher. When it came time to say goodbye, the words of thanks and a hug couldn't come close to enough of an expression to meet the gift you have given us all."


"I thank you deeply and most sincerely for coming to speak to the students about your experience during the Holocaust. We were all deeply moved. Your speech and The Upstairs Room will not be forgotten by those lucky enough hear you."


"...the experience of reading and preparing the kids for your visit and finally meeting you and listening to you speak is something I will keep with me."

To arrange a visit by Johanna to your school or organization, email